Ronald and I were talking for a few days about getting some art to visualise our game, Office Chair Death Match. Now, getting this art wasn’t just about having something to show about the game. Our motivation was needing it, badly. But between you and us, we were terrified. I mean, paying someone to do the concept art is an absolute BIG DEAL for any creator but you know, that’s the only way for it to finally become a real thing. Nothing like this feeling of “THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!”.

So we started to debate about what exactly we wanted to show you to give you the best possible first impression. A lot of questions emerged. Is it going to be pixel art as the game? What do we want you to know about the game with this image? Who’s gonna make it for us?

At least the first question was easy. We definitely agreed we wanted it pixel art. It’s part of the game, tied to our core concept of apparent simplicity but crafted with a lot of attention to the details, just like the game mechanics.

What to show, that was the hard question. We came with some ideas to introduce this very crucial fact about the game: there’s gonna be lots battles and broken office chairs. The concept was clear, but not the image. We expected some help of the artist, which leads us to…

In who’s hands we were going to put this task? We hit on to twitter and Ronald was already in contact with WooStar (we presented you here) who had not only the skills but the style that matched what we expected to get. Few minutes later, the wheels were in motion!

By the way, it was WooStar who “accidentally” brought the perfect concept for the art. His first sketch was displaying a man wearing a suit. Ronald wanted something different because in the game, the players start in the factory floor wearing a completely different outfit “…and that guy looks instead like one of our bosses…wait, that’s just perfect!“. That’s how we decided then to start revealing the game concepts to you through each one of the bosses, starting with this one, the CEO.

I hope you love it as much as we do. Office Chair Death Match is not going to be a simple Kart game. It brings an exciting story, very intersting characters and super cool mechanics, all packaged in a lovely pixel art style.

poster commision x6




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