About WooStar

Woostars, based in Corby, England is a “30 year old gamer dad and husband. aspiring pixel artist and learning how to make games… slowly.” as he presents himself on twitter is the artist doing the promotional image of our game Office Chair Death Match.

We asked him some questions and we let you know here his answers :

OsseteGames: Hi! My name is Ailin I live in France and I’m working with Ronald in the making of the game Office Chair Death Match. How are you? We have a new website and I would love to make some sort of interview of you since you are the one making the art for the game. Would you like to participate?

Woostars: Heya Ailin nice to meet you, I’m doing great and yeah I would love to do an interview.

OG: So, let me know a little about you why did you choose to make pixel art?

WS: My name is Warren Clark I’m 31, married and have a beautiful daughter who’s only 4 months. I did art in college which I was good at but lost my passion for and due to family issues I needed to work and make money so became a baker were I still work fulltime today. After not doing any art for like 10 years my wife found a lot of my old work which she fell in love with, she also knew I wasn’t happy with my job so persuaded me to find my passion in art again. The reason why I chose pixel art, was because of nostalgia for the games I grew up with when I was younger and games are still a big passion of mine. Due to not having any knowledge in coding I figured pixel art would be the best way to get into making games.

OG: I’m glad you did! I love your art as well and I think you are really talented. Tell me, being the father of a newborn, a husband and a full time baker how do you find the time to make your art?

WS: Thankyou, well that’s the hard part luckily I’m up at 2am and home by 12pm from work, so I have the whole day with my daughter. I try and do my art literally any free minute I get my wife is a big support and gives me a lot of time to do my work. To be honest I love doing it so no matter how tired I am and if I only have a few minutes Its just worth doing.

OG: I can figure how little time you have to make your work and make this silly interview but can you tell me some of the projects you are working on at the moment?

WS: I’m just honoured someone wants an interview. At the moment I’m working on designing and animating the enemies for a game called the forgotten void by . Its an on going job but there very flexible so I have time to do other things.

OG: What do you enjoy the most about making pixel art?

WS: My favourite part is designing and animating character sprites or creatures

OG: And what do you enjoy the least?

WS: My least favourite part is probably my weakest part which Is learning the use of colours, I’m learning but its definitely my weakest part.

OG: How do you advertise your art?

WS: At the moment I use mainly twitter and to show my art but I’m hoping to start my own website some day.

OG: Have you ever turned down a client and why?

WS: The only time I’ve had turn down a client is over money issues never had a bad experience though just couldn’t agree on a price.

OG: One last question, would you like to make the entire art of our game OCDM?

WS: I’d like to give it a go see how we get on.


Check out his art on twitter @WoostarsPixels and follow him to see more of his amazing work! And soon you’ll see the disclosure of OCDM’s promotional image.

Stay tuned

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