About Office Chair DeathMatch

Our game Office Chair DeathMatch (OCDM) is a top-down, pixel art racing game. You impersonate a new employee in a large company, who is received with the weirdest policy: all the employees must participate by law in an office chair racing tournament, not exactly as a team building activity.

In this tournament, the employees compete to destroy each other’s chairs, earning chair pieces to repair theirs every time a fight is won or permanently losing them if it gets destroyed. Things got even more real with this rule: the winner of each race has the right to swap his chair with any of the eligible losers, permanently.

You will soon find yourself trapped in an entire system designed and imposed by the CEO’s insatiable greed, with the sole purpose of keeping employees entertained instead of fulfilling their fair and now forgotten request of buying new office chairs.

As many others in the company, having no other choice than entering the tournament to preserve your job, you are challenged to advance through all the races and floors just to keep your chair functioning but along the way, a long-forgotten promise from the CEO will be remembered, bringing hope to those who are now sitting every day on bricks and boxes, giving you a more important reason to fight, one that will remind us the value of the righteous spirit that doesn’t break under the most despicable conditions.

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