About Foreigners

In the last years I have experienced magnificent and incredible new universes in videogames. I’ve been a fearless soldier, a brave outcast, a lucky apocalypse survivor, a space explorer, and so on. However, not all of these experiences have been successful in including the most conflicting and realistic element: the real me.

Deciding what to do while impersonating a reckless warrior on my screen is absolutely different from deciding as myself, with the same fears, knowledge, beliefs and moral judgment I have in real life. It would make it a lot harder deciding to kill hundreds of people without doubting just to follow my superior’s orders, or to let my wife “have fun” with my neighbors because I need contacts to be promoted in my job. It doesn’t mean these things aren’t fun or are purposeless in the games they belong. They are just not the real us.

No matter what character is on the screen, I want to play a game where it’s the player who decides whether or not the trigger is pulled, and more importantly, why. In FOREIGNERS the players have the chance to provide an answer to these critical situations in an immersive space context in which human adaptation is explored as never before, not without demanding the mastering of the zero-gravity lifestyle, essential to executing every choice and dealing with the consequences.

This is the pitch of our game Foreigners.

Ronald, who wrote the script says:

I had the pleasure of writing the script for Foreigners. It took me about 5 months to finish it and I still feel that the story wrote by itself—which honestly scares me a little bit. I’d love to say that I did it in one long night under the effect of 10 cups of coffee, but not really. However, I didn’t feel it was a complicated tedious task. I’ve shared it many times with family and friends and it has been well received for gamers and non-gamers alike. What a great feeling!

What do you think about the pitch? let us know in the comment section!

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