About Us

We are just a two friends having fun making games for our amusement and yours.

We decided to call ourselves Ossete Games. We hope, very soon deliver our first game Office Chair Death Match and some day in the near future our super ambicious project: Foreigners.

We are on the looking for a designer to help our projects look as beautiful as we imagine them so if you want to be part of our group send us an email and let’s see what we can do together!!

Ronald Laya

Based in Honduras, Ronald has a passion for playing and making video games. Graduated from the IUT RC in Venezuela he has a background in software development.

Ailin Moreno

Based in France, Ailin shares Ronald’s passion for video games. She also graduated from the IUT RC in Venezuela and has a Master’s degree in video game development.

They did not know each other in the IUT but some years after Ronald’s graduation by Leonardo, a common friend. Soon the friendship begin and even if they are in different parts of the world, they work together to bring you some of the crazy ideas they have in mind.

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